Professional Development and North Dakota United

Professional Development Vision Statement

For North Dakota United to provide high quality, relevant professional development in order to improve the member’s knowledge and skills in order to improve teaching, student learning, and student success.

Professional Development Mission Statement

We believe we must raise the bar for what it means to be a quality educator by focusing on preparing new educators for the classroom, attracting and retaining educators, providing continuous, high-quality professional development for all educators, and promoting effective teachers and quality educators.

Professional Development Core Beliefs

  • Professional development should deepen and broaden knowledge of content.
  • Professional development should provide knowledge about the teaching and learning processes.
  • Professional development should be rooted in and reflect the best available research.
  • Professional development should contribute to measurable improvement in student achievement.
  • Professional development should be intellectually engaging and address the complexity of teaching.
  • Professional development should be designed by teachers in cooperation with experts in the field.
  • Professional development should take a variety of forms.
  • Professional development should provide support to members to improve the institutions in which they work.
  • Professional development should enable us to better work with communities and the students of North Dakota.

Professional Development Purpose

  • We want all students to achieve their full potential as individuals and become productive citizens who make positive contributions to society.
  • We believe that educators provide the stable, nurturing, inspiring environment that makes it possible to teach each student and provide individual attention to each student’s learning needs.
  • We work to ensure that every student has a qualified, caring educator.
  • We believe that we must change the way educators are recruited, trained, evaluated, supported and held accountable.




North Dakota United (NDU) is an organization created by the merger of the North Dakota Education Association (NDEA) and the North Dakota Public Employees Association (NDPEA). The Representative Assemblies of both organizations voted overwhelmingly in February 2013 for the merger.

All of the members of our union work together to provide public education and public services to every citizen of North Dakota. Our membership includes K-12 teachers, education support professionals, higher education faculty and staff, state, county and municipal employees, as well as students and retired workers. The tie that binds our 11,000 members together is a shared commitment to the improvement of the economic and professional well-being of public workers, as well as a dedication to public service and to the improvement of the lives of the North Dakota citizens we serve.


  • To create a union of professionals better than either of its predecessor organizations;
  • To obtain representation rights for those employees who currently lack those rights;
  • To provide support to members to improve the institutions in which they work;
  • To be the voice of our members and the constituents they serve; and
  • To provide better professional development for all members enabling us to better work with communities and the students of North Dakota.


By becoming a member of North Dakota United, the state's largest and most effective professional association of public educators and employees, you are uniting yourself in vision and focus with more than 11,000 public workers across the state of North Dakota. Additionally, you are affiliated with over 4.7 million combined members of our two national affiliates, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

Those numbers add up. The foremost benefit of your membership in NDU is the benefit of association. You benefit from your combined power, at the negotiating table with school boards, in the halls of the state Legislature, and in the decision-making process when elected officials and administrators are determining your pay, benefits and terms of employment. Through NDU, U have a voice!

You benefit from the combined resources available to your through your union, including expert assistance in negotiations, public relations, grievance procedure and legal matters; scholarships and grants available to members and their families; professional development opportunities; and insurance programs, including full-coverage liabiity protection. You also benefit from your combined buying power, with discounts on insurance, health care, legal and financial services, travel, entertainment and shopping.

The U in NDU stands for United. Our union of professionals in public education and public services, of 11,000 teachers and professors, school and university support staff, public employees, students and retired workers, is our greatest asset and the power available to you as a member.

You are the U in NDU. 

North Dakota United
301 North 4th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501

701-223-0450 or 800-369-6332