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The Three Levels of Leadership

In all the books on leadership skills, one key element is consistently missing - the leader's psychology. For the first time, this book sets out a compact model for successful leadership based on an understanding of the hidden psychological challenges faced by all leaders. It is the shortest, clearest, most complete and yet practical guide to leadership you'll find. 

In this new expanded second edition there are six important advances: One, a new chapter on how to apply the four-dimensional definition of leadership as a practical tool. Two, new questions to help readers assess themselves on the seven qualities of leadership presence. Three, a new 15-page section on motivation backed by extensive research (it's a bit like Dan Pink's book "Drive" only shorter) with practical advice readers won't find elsewhere. Four, a new 25-page section on how to lead organisational change - the toughest of the leadership arts. Based on wide-ranging research, containing ideas known to only a few and closing with Scouller's pioneering new Spiral-Waves change model, it's the most compact yet complete material you'll read anywhere on how to lead change. Five, a new self-mastery technique: 4R. And six, James Scouller has sharpened every chapter to make the key ideas even clearer.

As in edition one, it cuts to the chase, but with even more authority and clarity than before. And in expanding certain sections with new ideas, Scouller hasn't lost sight of his chief aim: to offer readers a concise master model. Anyone wanting to grow themselves as leaders should buy this internationally acclaimed book.

  • ISBN-10: 1852527714
  • ISBN-13: 978-1852527716

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