Mindful You, Mindful Me Part 1-Watford City

March 10th thru April 14th - Watford City Middle School Media Center

Mindful You, Mindful Me-Part 1 Watford City

This Mindful You, Mindful Me course will offer a combination in-person, online, and book study course with both a one & two credit option. Part one would be focusing on self-care & being a mindful teacher; Part two would be creating a mindful classroom.

"Self-care is an essential part of the work of teachers and can contribute to a more positive school environment and better outcomes for students. This Mindfulness training will provide tools to reduce stress, frustration, and burnout by combining movement, breath-work, mindful awareness, and deep relaxation for teachers and support staff."

For more information about Mindfulness, visit mindfulyoumindfulme.org


Part  In-Person Dates:

         March 10, 2018  9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.


Cost:  Member:  No Credit:  $35.00

                             1 Credit:  $50.00

           Non-Member:  1 Credit:  $200.00