North Dakota teachers, education support professionals, Public Employees and Higher Education staff are on the front lines every day. We became educators and public employees because we care deeply about our states’ future and we are committed to its success.

We believe that the only way to guarantee success is to put our students at the center: the center of our classrooms and our schools, the center of education reforms, and the center of attention in every conversation about public service. Everyone is accountable for students’ success in school — teachers, support staff, school administrators, parents, businesses, elected officials, and students themselves.  Everyone is accountable for great public service.

Join with 11,000 North Dakota educators and public employees to realize a greater community and ensure accountability on all levels of public service. Join with us to use your voice for and advocate for your profession. Join with us to become a better professional. Join with us to learn, grow, and connect with others just like you. Join with us to change the lives of your peers, your students, and your community. Join with us to make a difference.

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